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Watery Eyes: Causes & treatment | Eye-Q

A watery eye is a condition where too many tears are produced or when the tears cannot drain away properly. The prevalence rate of the disease is 8.60%. Any person can have watery eyes; it is not an age-specific condition built mostly occurs in babies and people of the age group 60 and above. Causes […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Emergencies

An eye emergency is any condition, infection, or injury to the eye that needs immediate treatment and attention. Eye emergencies can be different for everybody. But generally, it is an emergency when there is bleeding or discharge from around the eye. If there is a bruised eye, decreased vision, double vision, you also have eye […]

Everything You Need To Know About Eye burning!

Eye burning when accompanied by itching and discharge is usually a sign of an eye infection. It can occur to people of all age groups. Symptoms of Eye burning To determine the common symptoms of eye-burning, notice if your eye appears red or pink, if eyelids are swollen, there is a deposit of crusts around […]

Red Eyes and Itchy too, it may be Conjunctivitis!

Pink eye, commonly known as conjunctivitis, is the swelling or redness of the conjunctiva. It is a clear membrane that turns red and itchy during any viral or bacterial infection. The prevalence rate is about 7.50%. It mostly affects young adults of age group 20 and above. Pink eye conjunctivitis causes pain, watering, irritation, and […]

जानिए आँखों की लेज़र सर्जरी के बारे में!

आज के बदलते लाइफस्टाइल के साथ हर किसी की आँखों की रोशनी पर गहरा असर पड़ता दिखाई दे रहा है। एक समय था, जब चश्मा बढ़ती उम्र के लोगों को लगता था लेकिन अब 5 साल के बच्चों को भी चश्मा लग जाता है। लेकिन घबराने की कोई बात नहीं हैं क्योंकि साइंस ने इसका […]