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  • By EYE Q India
  • August 18, 2018
General Eye Care

An eye emergency is any condition, infection, or injury to the eye that needs immediate treatment and attention.

Eye emergencies can be different for everybody. But generally, it is an emergency when there is bleeding or discharge from around the eye. If there is a bruised eye, decreased vision, double vision, you also have eye pain and headache for a longer period of time, do not take it lightly and consult a doctor.

Sometimes one may also have itchy eyes; it can also be due to chemical exposure. In severe cases, there may be a partial or total loss of vision in one or both the eyes. Certain eye infections and conditions might also be categorised as under-eye emergencies.

Causes of Eye Emergencies

A direct injury or trauma to the eye could lead to a black eye and is caused by bleeding under the skin. It is usually accompanied by swelling and pain, the skin turns black and blue and could even turn purple, yellow and green over a span of several days.

Sometimes, a skull fracture or head injury can also damage the eye that would require immediate attention. A foreign object might also be the cause and need attention.

A chemical injury happened at an industrial work place or due to household products such as cleaning solutions, solvents, fumes, and aerosols that can cause chemical burns. Some alkaline substances such as lime, lye and drain cleaners can cause permanent damage to the cornea. Eyelid and eye cuts are usually severe and require immediate doctor’s attention.

Treatment of Eye Emergencies

One thing to keep in mind is to not rub the eyes at all. One should wash your eyes thoroughly, in case dust or an object has entered the eye. Wash your hands with soap and water in case if you use your hands to touch your eyes. If there is a cut or slit and an object is stuck inside, seek immediate medical help.


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