Frequently Asked Questions

What is this Tele Consultation at Eye-Q?

This is a paid service where you can consult with expert doctors from Eye-Q on phone or internet.

How can I use this Service?

You can send a WhatsApp message to 7824810800 to book Appointment

What is the process?

Please refer to our video on process of Teleconsultation above

How can i pay for it?

We have all the payment modes available. Wallets (Paytm, PayU, Google Pay), Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking

What are the consultation categories?

Our Call center team needs to know whether you need a General Eye consultation or you need a specialist advice on Glaucoma or Retina or Cornea or you need an advice on post- operative check up. This helps them find an appropriate doctor and slot for you.

Can I do a Video consultation also?

Yes, our tele consultation experts will share a zoom link with you for a video consultation

My mother has chronic eye problem, how do I know whether she needs a teleconsultation?

Tele consultation at Eye-Q provides you these things

  • A great opportunity to discuss your eye problems with leading eye surgeons of India.
  • You can show doctor your previous prescriptions and reports.
  • You also get solutions or guidance on different treatment options including surgery available for treatment of your mother’s ailments.
  • This consultation will also help you choose right specialist for her problem.
  • This will also let you know the urgency to bring your mother for consultation at our clinics
Will I get advice on medicines and will I get a prescription from my doctor?

Yes, you will get a Prescription that has the details of medicines and also an advice on next course of action. This Prescription bears the Registration number of Doctor and is valid at all pharmacy shops

My son has developed an acute eye problem after injury, Can I do Tele Consultation with Eye-Q?

Ideally, if possible, all patients with eye emergencies should visit one of our eye hospitals for immediate attention. But if this is getting delayed for unavoidable reasons, our expert doctors can guide you on some first aid and precautions while bringing your patient to our hospital

I am an old patient already taking treatment at Eye-Q, Can I also do Tele Consultation with my doctor?

Yes, you can. In fact, your doctor will be able to see all your previous records and treatment history at Eye-Q during this Tele Consultation.

I am a CGHS/ECHS beneficiary, Can I avail the Teleconsultation through my referrals?

Tele Consultation has not yet been added to the list of CGHS/ECHS approved procedures. So, you can avail it as a regular paid patient

Will my Insurance cover this expense of Tele Consultation?

No Guidelines from Insurance providers is available on Teleconsultation yet

Tele Consultation has not yet been added to the list of approved procedures by Insurance Providers, So you can avail it as a regular paid patient only.

Will I get a refund if I fail to connect with Doctor due to connectivity issues?

You will have both options of receiving a refund or rescheduling your appointment to another time or doctor.