Eye burning
  • By EYE Q India
  • July 19, 2018
Eye care tips

Eye burning when accompanied by itching and discharge is usually a sign of an eye infection. It can occur to people of all age groups.

Symptoms of Eye burning

To determine the common symptoms of eye-burning, notice if your eye appears red or pink, if eyelids are swollen, there is a deposit of crusts around the corner of the eye upon waking up and difficulty in opening the eye in the morning due to the discharge.

One might also have watery eyes, sensitivity to light, a green or yellow coloured discharge leaking from the eye. In rare cases, patients have also complaint of an ulcer, scratch or cut on the surface of the eyes. These symptoms might occur because of an eye infection, injury or an invasion by a foreign element in the eyes.

Causes of Eye-burning

An eye infection is the most common cause of eye-burning that is accompanied by itching and discharge. Some people contract allergies, which can also cause a burning sensation in the eye. An attack by a virus, such as herpes simplex virus or by any bacteria, can trigger it as well. Wearing unclean contact lenses, wearing it for a longer period of time or sharing contact lenses with another person can trigger the condition. Sometimes, using expired eye drops and sharing make-up are also known to cause burning eye, accompanied by itching and discharge.

Treatment of Eye-burning

Most commonly, eye-burning when accompanied by itching and discharge, is because of bacterial and fungal infections. The eye doctor might advise you antibiotics in the form of eye drops. Eye Doctor may prescribe steroid eye drops to relieve pain, itching and inflammation. Eye ulcers can possibly damage your eyesight, which is why it is important to get them treated properly.

We, at Eye-Q Vision Super Specialty Hospitals, understand the importance of clearing your doubts and anxieties that arise with these small issues such as eye burning and fungal infections.


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