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Know About Optical Services

Eye-Q has collaborated with Pinnacle optical Pvt Ltd to offer quality optical services to the patients. Eye-Q’s experienced optometrists evaluate and provide eyewear and lenses for correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Eye-Q Hospitals have advanced fitting and processing lab with trained optometrists to cater to patient’s needs. Eye-Q hospitals have an in-house dedicated optical outlet for catering to the optical needs of patients. Personalized care is given to every eye patient needs and best optical solutions are suggested.


Plastic lenses are light-weight, low cost, and offers excellent optical qualities. Plastic lenses are highly break-resistant and provide better protection. Plastic lenses are dust and water resistant. Vision errors are corrected effectively by making use of plastic lenses.


Polycarbonate lenses are light-weight, thin and offer excellent optical qualities. Polycarbonate lenses are highly break-resistant and scratch proof. Vision errors are corrected effectively by polycarbonate lenses and provide crisp and crystal clear vision.


Contact Lenses are light-weight, cost-effective and offer a clear and crisp vision. Contact lenses are alternative to eyeglasses offering a hassle-free solution for vision correction. Contact lenses can be categorized as soft lenses, semi-soft lenses, and RGP lenses.

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In Eye-Q technology meets the level of excellence when it is the matter of delivering treatment. We consider national & international standard optical services that is surely meet the requirement of our eye patients.

Affordable Optical Services Treatment With Latest Technology

Get all optical services under one roof. Eye-Q is your trusted optical service partner. Make right choice when it is a concern of your vision. Our optical services are:

  • Upgraded

  • Affordable

  • Safe & risk-free

Reasons to Choose Eye-Q

Choosing Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospitals can be the best decision because our hospital is run & supervised by experienced eye surgeons. They are acquainted with high-end technologies and implement them to deliver the best outcomes. The application of progressive technologies makes surgery minimally invasive yet precise.






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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes digital eye strain?

Blue light causes digital eye strain. Digital devices such as laptop, computers, i Pads, i Phones, television emits high energy blue light which causes digital eye strain along with headache,nausea. Optical services provide best guidance, and suggest eye-glasses to protect your eyes from harmful blue light.

Optical Services Specialist

Our certified & highly experienced optical specialists take care of all contact lens & specs related error dedicatedly. Meet with our optical Services specialist. Take consultation if you have any queries.