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Know About General Eye Care

Lifestyle changes and increased pollution has led to an increase in eye problems among the population. General eye care demands regular eye health check-ups, eye testing, wearing protective eyeglasses, washing eyes thoroughly with water, and most importantly giving rest to eyes after television and computer usage. EYE-Q offers general eye care treatment to patients with conditions that occur commonly such as watery eyes, dry eyes, red eyes, itchy eyes, etc. Eye-Q specialist doctors have more than 17+ years of experience in treating patients with eye problems and providing them with holistic postoperative support and eye care.


Dry Eye can happen due to the inability of eyes to make tears themselves. The symptom includes burning sensation and extreme dryness in the eyes. Treatment includes nutritional supplements such as fish oil and omega-3, and eye drops.


Corneal disease can occur as a result of eye infection, disease, injury, and exposure to toxins. The symptoms of a corneal disease are indicated by red eyes, watery eyes, and eye pain. Treatment includes eyeglasses, eye drops, and surgery.


Eye Infections can lead to eye problems such as conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). Eye infections can cause redness, itching, burning, tearing, and discharge. Treatment includes eye drops and medication which can treat eye infections completely.

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The importance of primary eye care and eye testing is huge. It can prevent serious eye-related anomalies. Thus, our doctors recommend routine eye check-ups with General care. Our General eye-care services include:

  • Educating patients about maintaining & promoting healthy vision
  • Recognizing ocular manifestation
  • Performing comprehensive eye test.

Affordable General Eye Care Treatment With Latest Technology

At Eye-Q we put best efforts to keep your vision crystal clear. We provide comprehensive eye examination using avant-garde technologies. Our Comprehensive eye care is top-notch yet cost-effective. Eye-Q’s comprehensive Eye examination covers:

  • All vision related anomalies

  • Posterior segment of eyes

  • Anterior segment of eyes

Reasons to Choose Eye-Q

Choosing Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospitals can be the best decision because our hospital is run & supervised by experienced eye surgeons. They are acquainted with high-end technologies and implement them to deliver the best outcomes. The application of progressive technologies makes surgery minimally invasive yet precise.






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Frequently Asked Questions

Why general eye care is much essential?

Five senses are bestowed to us. Vision is one of them. We perceive 80% world with our vision. General eye care with routine check helps us to maintain good eye health, increase our vision longevity, prevent vision loss in early age.

General Eye Care Specialist

Take throughout guidance from our eye specialist and maintain crystal clear vision in long run. Consult with our leading general eye surgeons for better guidance.