• By EYE Q India
  • March 15, 2018
General Eye Care

Iris Implant Surgery is a technique by which a physician changes the colour of the Iris. However, this surgery has several risk factors as per Dr. Suwarn Chetan, Oculoplasty and Phaco surgeon, Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospitals, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi. Here are excerpts from an interview Dr Chetan gave to Navdeep Nandre of DTMT:

Drug Today Medical Times : What is an Iris implant Surgery and who can go for it?

Dr. Ajay : It is an artificial medical grade silicon implant used to cover the natural iris. It is done mostly for the following reasons: 1) A person may be facing problem with natural iris causing light sensitivity. 2) Cosmetic change of natural iris colour.

DTMT : Are there any side effects involving this surgery?

Dr. Sharma : Potential risks are involved with any surgery and so does this one. Few of them are as follows: – Infection, glaucoma, corneal edema, hyphema, endothelial cell loss and cataract, among others.

DTMT : What is the cost of this surgery?

Dr. Sharma : In India it costs around Rs. 4,50,000 – Rs. 5,00,000.

DTMT : How old is the technique in our country?

Dr. Sharma : Approximately 2 years. Internationally, since 2010

DTMT : How is the procedure performed?

Dr. Sharma : It is done under topical anaesthesia. Implant is inserted in the anterior chamber over the natural iris. It is usually done as an outpatient procedure. Medication usually continues for a month with certain other precautions.

DTMT : Is the surgery done in all the hospitals?

Dr. Sharma : No, very few do it the world over.

DTMT : What is Cosmetic Surgery and what are its types? How expensive are these?

Dr. Sharma: Cosmetic surgery is done only to change aesthetic appearance and not for therapeutic reasons. Its classification can be varied, but for understanding they can be related to skin, teeth, hair, eyes, etc.

DTMT : Do these surgeries have long term affect?

Dr. Sharma : This particular procedure is reversible. If explanted, the patient will get back the natural (original) color of his/her eyes. Other undesirable long term effects are mentioned in side effects.