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Know About Oculoplasty Services

Oculoplastic surgery is a high-specialized eye treatment that includes reconstruction of the eye and related parts that involve the eyelids, eyebrows, orbit, tear ducts, and face (if required). Oculoplasty includes procedures ranging from improving drooping eyelids to eye replacement. Most oculoplastic treatment can be a medical necessity or cosmetic needs and are performed on people of all ages.

Different kinds of symptoms require various kinds of oculoplastic surgeries technique. EyeQ Hospitals are well equipped with high precision instruments and a team of eye experts.


Aging and the Eyelids (By Birth): Excess eyelid skin and lowering of the eyebrows can make you look aged distressed. Excess skin may reduce your peripheral vision. Eyelid Lift (Blepharoplasty) is used to treat this kind of imparity to uplift the eyelids and restoring any lost function of the eyes.


Orbit and Eye Socket: Eye socket encloses the muscles that move the eye, bones, and fat to protect it. The orbits get affected by distress, infection, tumors, or by several medicinal disorders. Various types of socket reconstruction techniques are done to treat the eyeball which may have to be removed or reconstructed.


Watery and Teary Eyes: There is a passage known as “tear duct” which discharges the tear from our eyes through eyelids. Blockage in that tear duct is the major cause of watering in the eye. In adults, the watering starts to discharge due to infection in the drainage system. A DCR surgery is performed to create a new passage between the tear duct and the nose, bypassing the blockage and allowing tears to drain normally again

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We’ve different branches across 33 locations. We have more than 32 centres in India. It is a full-fledged eye treatment centre with modern equipment & technology. USP of the Eye-Q hospitals are:

  • Providing International Standard treatment
  • Using Advanced technology
  • Team of experienced surgeons

Affordable Oculoplasty Services Treatment With Latest Technology

A wide range of ophthalmic plastic surgeries are included in Oculoplasty. In Eye-Q , our team of highly skilled oculoplasty surgeons uses all the upgraded technologies to provide best possible outcomes in oculoplasty surgeries. Our advanced treatment is:

  • International standard

  • Follow all safety measures

  • Cost Effective


Reasons to Choose Eye-Q

Choosing Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospitals can be the best decision because our hospital is run & supervised by experienced eye surgeons. They are acquainted with high-end technologies and implement them to deliver the best outcomes. The application of progressive technologies makes surgery minimally invasive yet precise.






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Frequently Asked Questions

My eyes look asymmetrical especially in selfies, can this be corrected?

Asymmetry of eyes could be because of eyelid malposition such as either drooping(ptosis) or retraction of eyelids. an experienced oculoplastic surgeon can help in diagnose and aid you in managing such conditions which result in better cosmetic appearance.

I have constant watering in my eyes. how can i get rid of this annoying problem?

Watering in eyes could be various causes. Constant watering is mainly due to blocking of the tear drainage system. Special tests are done by a competent oculoplastic surgeon to diagnose and subsequent management options are recommended to alleviate your watering problem.

I have loss of vision in one eye since long, now it’s disfiguring and also painful. How can you help?

Painful blind eyes can be rehabilitated to relieve pain and also provide better cosmesis. Our dedicated team of surgeons and ocularists will be able to discuss management protocols tailormade for your social identity and enhancing your self esteem.

My friends ask me if I am stressed or worried looking at my forehead lines and wrinkles. How can I hide them?

Forehead lines are caused due to overacting muscles in the forehead. These can be hidden by injection botox which mask the lines and give you more calm and relaxed look.

I am not able to apply eyeliner/mascara due to excess skin on my upper eyelids. What solutions are there for my situation?

Overhanging loose skin hiding the lid crease is a common condition, giving you an aged appearance and also hinders in proper make up. This can be corrected by removing the excess skin and forming a beautiful symmetrical lid crease and enhance your appearance.

I have dark circles and hollowness around my eyes. This is hampering my looks. Suggest some remedies for me.

Dark circles around eyes are due to various causes – proper nutrition, water intake and normal sleep cycle, sunlight protection are very helpful. Facial fillers are required for better and lasting outcomes.

Oculoplasty Services Specialist

In Eye-Q Super-speciality hospital, we have a team of highly experienced Oculoplasty specialists who attend each patient with utmost sincerity and provide them the best possible outcome through their top-notch services.