• By EYE Q India
  • June 7, 2020
Eye care tips

A watery eye is a condition where too many tears are produced or when the tears cannot drain away properly. The prevalence rate of the disease is 8.60%. Any person can have watery eyes; it is not an age-specific condition built mostly occurs in babies and people of the age group 60 and above.

Causes of Watery Eyes

There can be numerous causes of watery eyes, including problems in the eye glands that secrete an oily substance, which keeps the eyes lubricated. Sometimes the glands do not function properly, resulting in dry patches in the eye. These dry patches might produce extra tears as a reflex action.
Other commonly known causes of watery eyes are:

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lower eyelid dropping inward or outward, making it difficult for the tears to reach tear ducts, eye irritation, or an eye infection such as conjunctivitis. Inflammation in the eyelids, also known as blepharitis, can cause watery eyes.

Treatment of Watery Eyes

The treatment will depend on the symptoms and causes of the watery eyes. The eye doctor will check for any blockage in tear ducts and will prescribe eye drops to control inflammation, irritation, and pain in the eyes. A doctor may also carry out scans and X-rays of your tear ducts to have a deeper and clearer picture of the situation. It is also advisable to not wear contact lenses when having watery eyes.
The eye doctor may also advise you not to use any make-up on the sensitive skin, as it can further deteriorate the condition. If watery eyes are because of dry eye syndrome, the eye doctor will advise you to take eye drops to lubricate your eyes. If it is caused due to a bacterial or fungal infection, the doctor might give you ointment and eye drops to help in the quick recovery of the eye.

We, at Eye-Q Vision, understand that the smallest of problems like watery eyes can bring along anxiety and concern.