• By EYE Q India
  • November 1, 2023
Eye care tips

Reducing eye strain and safeguarding against eye diseases can be facilitated through a set of specific exercises. Prolonged exposure to screens is a well-known culprit for affecting your vision and prompting the need for eyeglasses at a younger age. Preserving optimal eye health is of paramount importance, especially in the context of screens, which can contribute to dryness and irritation, potentially leading to a range of ocular conditions if left unaddressed. Here are some user-friendly exercises that can assist in reducing eye strain and promoting eye health:

One effective exercise is the “Palming” technique, inspired by yoga. It aims to relax the eye muscles, reducing strain and fatigue. Start by rubbing your hands together to generate warmth, and then gently place your warm palms over your closed eyes while taking deep breaths for 3-5 minutes.

  • Blinking Exercise:

Another valuable exercise is “Blinking.” Prolonged screen and digital device usage often results in a reduced blink rate, causing dry eyes. Conscious blinking can help refresh the tear film that keeps our eyes moist. It’s as straightforward as closing your eyes, holding them closed for 2-3 seconds, and then reopening them.

  • The 20-20-20 Rule:

The “20-20-20 Rule” is another technique to combat digital eye strain. As per this guideline, for every 20 minutes of screen time, take a 20-second break and shift your focus to an object approximately 20 feet away. When combined with the aforementioned exercises, this practice can significantly alleviate eye fatigue.

  • The Eye Roll Exercise:

Gently rolling your eyes in one direction, then the other, and repeating the motion can help relieve tension and soreness in the eye area.

While these exercises can offer relief from eye strain and potentially yield short-term vision benefits, it’s essential to remember that regular eye check-ups are highly recommended. If you are experiencing any ocular issues, seeking professional guidance is always a wise course of action. This holistic approach can help maintain eye health and well-being.