• By EYE Q India
  • January 19, 2023

Although the results of LASIK surgery are nearly always positive, yet not everyone is a suitable candidate for vision correction surgery. The laser eye surgery checklist below is an excellent place to start when deciding if LASIK is appropriate for you.

Minimum age

One must be at least 18 to have LASIK eye surgery. In addition, your refraction should be stable for 1 year.

Your eyes must be in good condition.

You must wait until any problem that may influence how your eyes react to surgery or recover afterward is addressed before having surgery. Conjunctivitis (pink eye), infection, and any kind of eye damage are just a few examples.

Eyes that are dry

LASIK surgery may exacerbate chronic dry eyes. Dry eye is treated before proceeding with LASIK surgery.

You should be in generally good health.

The way your body recovers after surgery may be influenced by a variety of medical problems including diabetes, autoimmune disorders, etc.


Candidates should not undergo LASIK surgery if they are breastfeeding or pregnant. They are not suitable for LASIK surgery because hormones may alter the stability of their prescription.

Contact lenses

You must not use soft contact lenses for 1 week prior to your LASIK surgery assessment and operation. Prior to LASIK surgery, this ensures accurate topography assessment and an accurate evaluation of your prescription.

Corneal thickness 

Corneal thickness is an essential factor in assessing LASIK candidacy. Candidates must have a corneal thickness of at least 480 microns.

LASIK surgery cost in India ranges from Rs 10,000/- per eye to over a lakh of rupees.

Eye-Q India’s best eye specialists are experts in determining whether or not a patient is a good candidate for treatments like LASIK.