• By EYE Q India
  • April 24, 2021
Eye care tips

Eyeglasses are your support system of a kind, so it is no surprise that you want them to last long. This is imperative to guarantee that your eyes have definitive security.

So, how might you expand the lifespan of your glasses?

Try not to put the glasses on top of your head

While it might be handy or look fashionable, you risk taking the earpiece out and the frames may become misaligned. Likewise, oils from your hair and scalp may smudge the lenses or in any case affect the focal point. Also, using both hands is the proper way to take off glasses, otherwise there’s a risk of slipping when you use only one hand.

How to properly clean glasses

If you wear your glasses each day, you must clean them daily to remove fingerprints, dust, and other debris that may affect the clarity of your lens. Unfortunately, using the wrong cleaning solution (like ammonia/vinegar/bleach/window cleaner) or the wrong type of cloth to wipe the lenses can do more harm than good.

To clean your glasses properly, use a lens-cleaning spray specifically designed for your glasses. Spray the solution on a lint-free cloth and use both sides of your lens to gently rub it. In case you do not have a lens cleaner use lukewarm water to wash your lens. Avoid wiping the glasses when dry as any dust on their or the wiping cloth’s surface might cause scratches.

Also, if your glasses come with anti-reflective (AR) coating, make sure the lens cleaning solution is compatible with the AR coating and doesn’t damage it.

How to store glasses in case:

Glasses shouldn’t be placed anywhere without a case. Hard glass cases can protect your glasses from external wear when you put them in your backpack, including squeezing, scratching, or other problems like invisible scratches.

Regularly check the condition of the glasses:

Eyeglasses are used to correct visual acuity. Hence, you need to know how to wear your glasses properly. Keep the lens optical center in a place suitable for your eyes, please wear your glasses correctly and correct them when they slip.

Perhaps you can expand the life expectancy of your glasses with these simple tips, it is likewise important to change your prescription timely by seeing the best specialists at EyeQ India.

In short: Do’s and Don’ts with glasses

  • DON’T clean your glasses with rigid synthetic compounds or harsh materials
  • DON’T put your glasses’ focal side down
  • DON’T wear glasses without a prescription
  • DO clean them conveniently with the recommended dissolvable
  • DO touch your glasses only after washing your hands
  • DO Have Regular Eye Exams