• By EYE Q India
  • April 30, 2022

We’ve assembled a few points to consider in case you want freedom from eyeglasses. LASIK procedure can be a good option.

LASIK, which represents laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a well-known medical procedure that can correct vision problems in people with myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. You don’t have to wear glasses or contact lens after LASIK.

It is vision correction surgery that works by reshaping the front part of your eye so that the light is focused on the retina instead of behind it.

LASIK is a fairly painless, most effective, and low-cost surgery to enhance your eye vision.

On the other hand, LASIK is not entirely suitable for everyone. While this may help patients kick their reliance on glasses or reaches, some eye conditions can’t be fixed by precisely re-shaping your cornea.

After LASIK surgery

  • We do not recommend doing anything other than resting or sleeping on the day of surgery.
  • Numerous patients get eye drops to help diminish dryness and recuperate their eyes.
  • It is normal to experience some symptoms immediately after LASIK surgery, your eye may burn, itch, or feel as though there is something in it. Be sure to talk to your surgeon about your symptoms during your LASIK visit.
  • By next morning, your eyes should feel healthy, and your vision is improved. Complete LASIK surgery recovery may take half a month.

How does it work?

  • The surgery has two steps. First step is flap creation. Second step is corneal ablation
  • Flap creation can be performed by a microkeratome (blade) or femto- second laser(blade-free).
  • Corneal ablation is performed using excimer laser. The technique used may be standard, wavefront optimized or topography guided.

In simple language, after making a flap, laser is used to change the shape of cornea. The laser is extremely precise and does not damage adjacent tissue. This results in better focus of light on retina. After ablation flap is replaced on the the top of cornea.

LASIK surgery cost in India

Complications can affect the cost of your surgery, however, you can expect to spend for LASIK surgery in the range of INR 25,000 to 1,00,000. To learn more about LASIK, reach out to EyeQ India.