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  • September 28, 2020
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Farsightedness (Hyperopia): Symptoms, Causes, Treatments: A person suffering from farsightedness can see things far clearly but has a blurry vision when looking at closer objects. It is also known as hyperopia.

A refractive disorder where the eye cannot focus correctly, farsightedness has a prevalence rate of 9.90%. It mostly happens to people of the age group 40 and above, with a higher rate of occurrence in sexagenarians.

Symptoms of Farsightedness

Common symptoms found in patients suffering from farsightedness are tension, fatigue, blurry vision when objects are close, and squinting to see well. Other common symptoms are a burning sensation around the eye and headache after activities that require concentration, such as reading.

Since your eyes cannot focus properly on close objects, the eyes have to work hard to see anything clearly. Therefore, eye strain is a common symptom found in people suffering from farsightedness.

In rare cases, children also develop farsightedness if their strabismus (crossed eyes) is not diagnosed and corrected at the right time.

Causes of Farsightedness

A flat cornea is one of the main causes of farsightedness. It could also be hereditary, and if even one of your parents has had it, you too are at risk of suffering from this vision problem. The eyes lose their power to focus with age and time therefore, old age is also one of the causes of this condition.

Treatment available for Farsightedness 

It is easy to diagnose farsightedness. The eye doctor will put in eye drops to dilate your pupils and with the use of a magnifying glass, take a closer and proper look. He will also check your vision by making you look through glasses having various powers. One can use prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses as it alters the way light enters your eyes, helping you focus better. One can also get refractive surgery done.

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