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  • February 21, 2022
Eye care tips

Eye Pain Reason: Eye pain can affect people of all age groups. Eye pain can occur to any part of the organ, from the orbit (socket) of the eye to the pupil, sclera, eyelids, cornea, nerve endings, etc. It is not necessary that eye pain is always a serious cause of concern.

Sometimes, your eyes pain just because they’re tired but other times the problem could be serious. One should not ignore the problem if the pain, itching, or inflammation in the eye persists for a long time. Ideally, it should go away in a few days, but if the pain worsens, or there is a pain because of an injury or a cut, one should not take it lightly and immediately consult an eye doctor.

Causes of Eye Pain | Eye pain Reason

Some common eye problems that can cause eye pain are listed below:

Blepharitis: it is an infection in the eyelid. Also known as an eyelid bump, blepharitis can occur to people of all age groups. It usually happens when there is a bacterial attack on the oil glands of the eye.

Conjunctivitis: There is pain and inflammation in the conjunctiva due to a viral or bacterial infection. It makes the blood vessels swell because of which the white part of the eye turns reddish and causes irritation.

Corneal Abrasion: It is a scratch in the Cornea of your eye causing pain and irritation. One can also hurt their eye while rubbing them, leading to corneal abrasion. Usually, an eye doctor prescribes antibacterial eye drops to reduce the irritation and soothe the pain.

Treatment of Eye Pain | Eye Pain Reason

The eye doctor will give a different treatment according to the disease or the condition of the eye. Some eye problems do not even require an eye doctor’s intervention and get resolved on their own.

One should consult an eye doctor immediately if there is a cut or slit in the eye, if a foreign object has damaged the eye, or owing to any disease or condition there is blurriness in vision. One should not ignore if there is a partial or complete loss of vision as these can be serious issues and can lead to permanent loss of vision.

We, at EyeQ Vision Super Speciality Hospitals, take all the measures to treat your problems whether big or small, as we understand the importance of sight and make all efforts to restore it.


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