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  • August 4, 2020
Cataract / मोतियाबिंद, Articles by Eye-Q Doctors

Why you should not avoid Cataract Surgery: Do you want to give up reading, driving, and everything this beautiful world has to offer? If you continue to ignore or delay the suggested Cataract surgery, then that’s exactly the price you will have to pay for your negligence. Cataract can lead to vision loss, making it a lot harder to perform things you really love.

It is not wise to ignore Cataract as it can lead to severe problems. There is no eye drop or medicine to prevent or reverse Cataract formation.

Many people can become legally blind from untreated Cataract while in most cases Cataract can even cause total blindness if left untreated for an extended period.

Cataracts can be treated via simple, painless, and safe surgery but many people avoid going through the process mainly because of the term ‘surgery’ associated with the procedure. However, with the advancement in technology like laser-assisted surgery and micro-incision surgery, Cataract can be removed in the least invasive manner.

In the initial stage, Cataract might seem like a minor issue, but it will continue to worsen causing a significant reduction of vision which can severely hamper one’s daily life. For instance, driving can be less fun while lights suddenly become too bright for your liking, or reading a book becomes hard labor, affecting the overall quality of life.

Apart from physical disabilities, leaving Cataracts untreated can lead to psychological harm like depression, low self-esteem, and social isolation. It is essential to understand that people with poor vision are vulnerable to experiencing depression which can lead to more severe issues that can really impact the individual and their close circle.

It is critical to have Cataract surgery before it starts affecting your vision. If you wait too long, then your Cataract can become hyper-mature, which will make it difficult to remove and can cause surgery complications. It can also prolong recovery post-surgery.

In general, the best outcomes for Cataract surgery take place when the operation is performed soon after vision problems develop. It’s best not to wait.

Risks involved in delaying or avoiding cataract surgery:

  • Difficulty in participating in daily activities
    The Cataract will grow slowly, over time the white area in the lens may get larger, causing vision to become more impaired. Without Cataract surgery, you will find yourself unable to perform or enjoy daily life activities.
  • Difficulty in safely driving after dark
    Cataract can significantly impair night vision. It’s one of the first symptoms of Cataracts because the cloudy patch scatters the light that comes into your eyes which causes halos around light sources like headlights, streetlights, and lit sign. When your ability to see at night diminish and you get behind the wheel, it puts both you and other drivers at risk.
  • Vision loss
    Cataract is the leading cause of blindness in the world. They will reduce your vision but what makes it worse is that it’s impossible to predict how quickly or slowly they will grow.
  • Higher risk surgery when Cataract becomes severe
    When Cataract is left untreated for a more extended period they can become ‘’hyper-mature, ‘’ a condition that makes it difficult to remove. Performing surgery on hyper-mature cataract is very complicated which increase the risk factor.

Why wait for Cataract to mature when they prevent you from being productive and negatively affect the overall quality of your life.

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