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  • September 11, 2020
Cataract treatment, Cataract / मोतियाबिंद

Cataract Surgery Important: Cataract surgery of the second eye improves the overall quality of life, Cataract surgery is a simple, quick, and very effective procedure while the recovery period is also short and pain-free. As a result of this, most patients who undergo Cataract surgery for one eye want to go in for surgery in the other eye immediately. And rightly so as Cataract surgery of the second eye improves the quality of life and visual function of the patient above and beyond the benefits of the first eye surgery.


Patients who have undergone Cataract surgery in one eye will have clearer vision compared to the affected eye which increases the pressure on the treated eye. The increased pressure on a single eye can be stressful. Second eye Cataract surgery can be particularly helpful for those people who are very nearsighted or very farsighted. Patients with such problems will be visually unbalanced after the first surgery.

When the surgery is conducted, their refractive error is corrected with an intraocular lens in the eye. These patients can no longer wear their old glasses. If the lens for the eye is removed from their glasses, patients may feel dizzy and may have problems with depth perception or some might experience double vision.

But if these patients stop wearing glasses while waiting for their second Cataract surgery, then they are functioning with just one eye (corrected eye) which will disrupt depth perception and binocular vision. These problems can only be corrected if surgery is performed on the second eye.

To tackle the problem, second eye Cataract surgery is beneficial as it improves general vision, near activity, driving ability, mental health, and reduce dependence on others.

Factors considered by the doctors, which justify an immediate second Cataract surgery:

  • A cataract is having a significant effect on the vision of the second eye.
  • If the patient uses high power lenses or glasses.
  • Family members are having difficulty in taking time out of a second surgery and post-operative care.

The minimum time gap between Cataract surgeries

While it is a good idea to get the second Cataract surgery as soon as possible after the first one, doctors recommend a little time gap between the two surgeries. The is no fixed time gap between these two surgeries and the whole process depends on the doctor and the condition of the individual patient.

Despite the risk of eye infection and other serious complications from Cataract surgery is minimum but if both eyes were to become infected or experience other complications at the same time, the result would be visually devastating for some time.

To avoid such unwanted complications it’s best to conduct second eye Cataract surgery after a gap, it can 4-5 days depending upon the condition of the patient.

Apart from that, performing Cataract surgery on both eyes on separate days allows the doctor and patient to evaluate the visual outcome of the first surgery, which might influence choices made for the second surgery.

If the patients want to live life without depending on others despite conducting Cataract surgery, then second eye Cataract surgery is the only way forward.

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