• By EYE Q India
  • May 26, 2022
Eye care tips, Pediatrics eye care

Kids can’t convey effectively if their vision is poor,hence guardians go for quite a long time without understanding their problem. The following are red flag indicators in a child that indicates the need for spectacles.

Squinting (eyes drifting inwards or outwards) can be an indication that your kid has a refractive error (power in eyes), which impacts how well their eyes focus.

Eye rubbing

Eye fatigue or fatigue may prompt extreme eye scouring. This can be a warning for a variety of vision conditions, including eyesight problems that warrant eye check-ups.

Struggling to read

When studying in class they are continually moving their eyes between the board, PC, notebook, and reading material. If their focusing abilities aren’t adequate, they will not be able to concentrate and it may be misinterpreted as naughtiness or decreased IQ.

Sitting too close

Sitting too close to the screen like a TV or using a mobile phone and books very close to eyes may be an indication that they have short sight and needs an eye check-up

Head shifting or covering one eye

If to improve the clarity of an object or wipe out twofold vision your kid is shifting his head or covering one eye, your kid might have an eyesight problem.


The initial thing you should do is to schedule an appointment with a good ophthalmologist preferably a pediatric ophthalmologist. For most eyesight problems, glasses correct the issue and resolve the problem

For more uncommon visual issues, your ophthalmologist may suggest an alternate solution, similar to eye drops or medical surgery.

Allow us to help you remember some beneficial habits to Help Your Child’s Vision:

  • Urge your children to wear shades when they are outside in solid UV light.
  • Every day focusing on objects somewhere far off can decrease the strain produced by watching mobiles/tablets. Easily remembered as the 20-20-20 rule, take a 20-second break from screen time every 20 minutes and see something 20 feet away preferably something natural like trees, birds, stars, and sky.
  • Ensure your kids have diets wealthy in nutrients – green veggies, eggs, nuts, citrus, and omega fats.

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