• By EYE Q India
  • January 20, 2021
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Millions of people use contact lenses to correct their vision. So, if you’ve joined the club, congratulations on your first lenses. Contacts are safe, if worn properly. Many who are new and even some of the experienced wearers have a few doubts and questions regarding contact lenses.

So, the following are a few quick tricks to solve your doubts:

A lot of people worry about their lense might fall out or get stuck behind the eye and tend to scratch the eye frequently. Your lens will not fall apart until touched or removed. So stay relaxed and do not touch it frequently.

  • Is your lens inside out?

Always make sure that your lens is not inside out before wearing them. To ensure that, take the lens on your index finger, and keep it closer to the eye. If it forms a ‘U’ shape with rims out like a bowl of soup then it is inside out and if it does not form any rims then your lenses are good to go.

  • All about cleaning and sanitization

Always clean your hands and never apply any cream or oil before wearing or removing lenses. Contact lens and lens case must be cleaned before and after wearing. Usage of proper cleaning agents is important as tap water is not sterile and can promote bacterial growth. Usage of sterile contact lens solution is recommended. Change the contact lens solution as recommended on packaging.

  • Where and where not to wear contacts

Do not wear lenses while swimming or practicing any outdoor activities, especially in dusty environments. Also, never sleep with your contact lenses on as it risks the chances of bacterial growth and burning in the eyes.

  • Eye makeup with lenses, do’s and don’ts

  • Always wear your lenses before applying your makeup. Do not use makeup products made up of scented oils and it might irritate the eyes. Also, change your eye makeup frequently as the bacteria in your makeup can get into the eye and cause infection.
  • Always use products suggested by your doctor. Contact lens fitting has to be checked by the prescribing doctor or optometrist.
  • Wear your lenses only for the amount of time prescribed by the doctor.
  • Replace your lenses according to schedule. Hence, it is important to keep your appointments and stick to them.

So, if you have any doubt and questions related to contact lenses or for any other eye services, book your appointment with our eye specialists now.