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Know About LASIK Surgery

Do you prefer to have blade-less surgery for vision correction? Then worry not because EYE-Q offers painless and blade-less vision correction LASIK surgery. LASIK laser eye surgery is a refractive procedure that uses laser technology to correct vision defects such as Myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. LASIK surgery (लसिक सर्जरी) reduces or eliminates the necessity of eyeglasses and corrective lenses. At EYE-Q, Our eye specialist doctors have more than a decade of experience in treating eye patients with vision defects and carrying out successful laser surgeries. Standard and Custom LASIK Surgeries are performed across all the branches of EYE-Q hospital.

Bladeless Lasik Operation

Bladeless procedure: LASIK is a bladeless procedure that involves the use of laser technology for correcting cornea’s refractive errors. LASIK procedure is completely safe and painless in treating vision defects. EYE-Q uses advanced LASIK laser systems for laser treatment.

Vision Correction

Crystal Clear Vision: Patients after undergoing LASIK surgery gets vision corrected nearly by the day. Crystal clear vision gets restored in a span of one or two weeks. LASIK surgery produces clearer and sharper vision. Visual defects are completely cured and a new lease is given to the eyes.

Removing Spectacles using Lasik

Spectacles free life: LASIK procedure corrects the refractive corneal defects and thereby restore crystal clear vision. Vision restoration helps the patient to completely or partially discard spectacles and live spectacle free life. No more worrying about finding contact lenses.

Standard Lasik Surgery

Standard LASIK Surgery: Standard laser vision correction surgery uses the prescription in a pair of eyeglasses as the basis to correct vision. It does an excellent job of reducing or eliminating the need to wear glasses or contact lenses. Standard LASIK surgery cannot correct spherical aberration.

Custom Lasik Surgery

Custom LASIK Surgery: Custom LASIK vision correction surgery is done by using advanced wavefront technology to evaluate the unique characteristics of your eyes. Custom LASIK uses the excimer laser that reshapes your eye during the vision correction procedure.

Lasik Robotic Surgery

LASIK Robotic Surgery: At EYE-Q, we have a team of super-specialist eye surgeons offering the world-class treatments for refractive errors through Robotic Femtosecond LASIK laser eye surgery. LASIK Robotic Surgery is available at all EYE-Q branches except that of Gujarat.

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LASIK laser eye-surgery is the most common surgery to correct refractive errors. Laser LASIK has 96% success rate. Laser LASIK treatment comes with following benefits

  • Recovery is extremely quick
  • High success rate
  • Don’t need glass to wear.
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Affordable LASIK Surgery Treatment With Latest Technology

Don’t let specs make self-conscious. Our LASIK surgery can unleash your best version without glass.

Flaunt real personality with the true vision. Eye-Q is the perfect choice for LASIK surgery because:

  • Experienced Surgeon

  • State-of-art infrastructure

  • Advanced technology

Reasons to Choose Eye-Q

Choosing Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospitals can be the best decision because our hospital is run & supervised by experienced eye surgeons. They are acquainted with high-end technologies and implement them to deliver the best outcomes. The application of progressive technologies makes surgery minimally invasive yet precise.






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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LASIK?

LASIK (लसिक) is the type of refractive surgery for spectacles/contact lens removal. It is a pain free laser treatment and requires 10-15 minutes to treat both eyes.

What are the types of LASIK?

There are three types of LASIK – S LASIK, C LASIK & I LASIK , depending upon the detailed report & thickness of cornea the treatment is performed.

How much time does it takes for the comprehensive eye check-up?

It takes total 90 minutes to do complete eye check-up.

When we Eye-Q hospitals open & what are our timing?

We are open all 7 days from 9:30 AM -6:30 PM , for any query please call the toll free number 1800-102-2016.

Where we are present?

We have presently 37 centers located in 28 cities .To know more, please visit our hospital page

Who are our LASIK specialists?

We have the team of the best refractive surgeon to treat myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism from renowned institution across various location. For more information please visit our doctors’s page or call toll free number 1800-102-2016

How much time it will take for the recovery of surgery?

Recovery from LASIK laser surgery is very soon, almost the next day of surgery.

LASIK Surgery Specialist

Eyes are the window to see the world & our LASIK surgery specialist put their best effort to make your vision crystal clear. They have decades of experience in LASIK surgery and successfully treated 500000 patients within 10 years.