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Know About ICL Procedure

  • 1. The implant surgery is quick and painless ,lasting only about 10-15 minutes.
  • 2. The area around your eyes will be cleaned and a sterile drape may be applied around your eye.
  • 3. Eye drops or a local anesthic will be used to numb your eyes.
  • 4. When your eye is completely numb, an eyelid speculum will be placed between your eyelids to keep you from blinking during the procedure.
  • 5. the recovery time is short and the results of the surgery are almost immediate.
  • 6. Most patients resume normal activities within a week.

  • If you are above 18 years of age, suffering from myopia, hypermyopia and/or astigmatism and want to experience superior vision correction.
  • If you have refractive error, and are unsuitable for laser refractive eye surgery.
  • Consult our opthalmologist to know whether you are fit for ICL surgery or not.

  • No Dry Eye Syndrome ICL ’s proprietary lenses are made of biocompatible Collamer. That means our lens material works in harmony with the natural chemistry of your eye and body.
  • A Removable Option If it is your prescription update or other vision needs arise, your eye doctor can simply remove our lens if you and your doctor decide.
  • Quick Procedure & Recovery Most procedures are completed within 20-30 minutes or less. With a minimally invasive procedure, many achieve improved vision nearly immediately.

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ICL surgery is apt treatment for near-sighted vision. A minor refraction problem can be resolved by spectacles or contact lens, but severe near-sightedness can’t be resolved by these. Thus, eye-surgeons suggests ICL Surgery as best treatment option. It offers:

  • Permanent relief from near-sightedness
  • Free from high power glass
  • No contact lens hassle

Affordable ICL Procedure Treatment With Latest Technology

The ICL is designed to stay in your eye permanently but can be removed to keep pace with advancing technology and your future needs.ICL is an additive FDA-approved technology that comes with high degree of precision. Our ICL surgery package involves:
  • Dedicated Counsellor

    Dedicated counsellor

  • All surgery expenses included

  • Free 3-post op consultation

Reasons to Choose Eye-Q

Choosing Eye-Q Super-Speciality hospitals can be the best decision because our hospital is run & supervised by experienced eye surgeons. They are acquainted with high-end technologies and implement them to deliver the best outcomes. The application of progressive technologies makes surgery minimally invasive yet precise.






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Consult the doctor if

  • Short-sightedness

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  • Less focus with blurred vision

Frequently Asked Questions

What Can I Expect During the ICL Procedure?

Easy 10-20 Minute Procedure
Before you schedule your ICL appointment your doctor will perform a series of standard tests to measure your eye’s unique characteristics for the procedure. If you are farsighted, your doctor may recommend or schedule an additional pre-op procedure.

How long can ICL stay in the eye?

The ICL is designed to stay in your eye permanently but can be removed to keep pace with advancing technology and your future needs.

Does the procedure remove tissue from my eye?

No, ICL is inserted gently in the eye with no removal of corneal tissue.

Can the ICL dry out or get dirty like a contact lens?

The ICL avoids such problems experienced with traditional contact lenses. It is designed to remain in place inside the eye, without maintenance. A routine, annual visit with an eye doctor is recommended to make sure everything stays safe and effective.

ICL Procedure Specialist

In Eye-Q Super-speciality hospitals, we have a team of highly qualified ICL surgery specialists who attend each patient with utmost sincerity, care and provide them the best possible outcome through their top-notch services.