Bhiwani is the city of temples in the state of Haryana. The Eye-Q vision hospital in the city of Bhiwani provides consultation on disorders related to eyes such as eye burning accompanied by itching and discharge, disorders associated with cornea and retina, bleeding under conjunctiva -subconjunctival haemorrhage, squint, cataract, lasik eye surgery, black eye, eyelid inflammation (blepharitis), eyelid turned in – entropion, etc.

The doctors operating at the centre such as Dr. Anil Chaudharyare highly qualified and have received education from the most reputed colleges of India. A large number of patients suffering from various eye ailments of different grades have benefited from the consultation of the experts.

The doctors can be contacted or seen during our OPD timings.

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Timings Of Center: 
9:00am to 6:30pm
Eye-Q Super Speciality Eye Hospitals, Near Rohtak Gate, Dadri Road, Bhiwani