Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Updates

Eye-Q Super-Speciality Eye Hospitals during COVID19.

Come, let’s delve into how Eye-Q hospitals meet the ‘eye’ of the Covid-19 storm for its patients.

At Eye-Q, the safety and security of our patients are of the utmost priority. With the usual community life, post lockdown, coming to normalcy, we aim to the procurement of safe practices in our hospitals. Apart from ensuring sanitization, fumigation, and social distancing at the centers, we have carved the nuances of digital presence, holistically.

Physical Visits at Eye-Q India Hospitals

We, at Eye-Q, are taking necessary precautions for our patients and our staff ensures that the people in need of our services are attended immediately.

Through following steps, we ensure comprehensiveness in safety for your visits:

  • Sanitization of staff, patients, and attendants at the entrance along with thermal screening.Barriers are maintained at the reception, optical shop, and pharmacy.
  • Disinfecting of furniture and other areas are done in every two hours.
  • Disinfecting of walls, lifts, etc is done three times a day.
  • Disinfecting equipment after each patient use
  • Social distancing through demarcation of patients at the waiting rooms is practiced.
  • Usage of PPE kits, masks, gloves, linen gowns at OPD, IPD segments.
  • Hand sanitization protocol has been made mandatory.
  • OT/OPD cleaning and fogging/fumigation is done on an everyday basis.
  • Advising Tele-consultation for review and post-op patients to avoid crowding.

Teleconsultation with Eye-Q India Eye Specialists


The impending pandemic has led many in despair in terms of not being able to visit their regular consultations. We understand this plight so we have rolled out tele-consultations or video or online consultation for patients as soon as the government approved it.

Teleconsultations are safe mode of consulting between an eye ailing patient and the doctor, remotely.

Benefits of teleconsultations are as follows:

  • Ease of booking an appointment from the safety of your home
  • One can speak to highly experienced doctors at their convenience.
  • Get instant medical advice on any eye ailment.
  • Personalised attention of qualified professionals without stepping out of your home.

Vision Care at Home


Eye-Q ensures patients gain access to personalised health services of eye ailment without stepping out of their homes.

Get complete eye check-up at home.

Our specialised team of home health professionals visits the home of the patient and the required eye tests are administered through safe means.

  • If clinical expert team observes any serious issue, then a teleconsultation or a video consultation is immediately booked for them.
  • If there is a need for a change of glasses or medicines, free home delivery is done.

Surgeries and Procedures at Eye-Q India Hospitals


Eye-Q ensures safety for patients, who need surgery or procedure in times of the pandemic. We are taking extra precautions to ensure that our premises are infection-free

We adhere to safety norms, laid down by the Government.

  • Disinfecting of the waiting areas.
  • Proper sanitization and fumigation of the OT rooms.
  • Disinfecting IPD equipment use after each patient’s use.
  • Disinfecting of furniture, walls, lifts are done.
  • Proper enforcement of fumigation.
  • Wearing of PPE kits and gloves, linen gowns by the doctors and staff.