Best Eye Hospital in Vadodara

Eye-Q Super-Specialty Eye Hospitals is India’s foremost chain of specialist eye hospitals catering to comprehensive eye care needs. Staffed by Vadodara’s best eye doctors like e Dr.Sejal Desai, and Dr.Salman Kazi; our branch in Fatehgunj is equipped with the latest in medical technology to ensure that you need to look no further when it comes to taking care of your eyes. Whether you’re seeking the best eye treatment for cataract or glaucoma, or if you’re just looking for a routine check-up or a new pair of eyeglasses, we have you covered.

Eye-Q is renowned for its excellent patient-care experience. Our comprehensive approach towards eye health involves not just medical treatment, but also psychological counselling to help you cope with the stress of disease as well as making the right decision for your unique circumstances. Our guiding philosophy is to ensure that each patient who visits an Eye-Q centre should be a testament to the highest standards of eye care in the country.