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How does vision change after 40s

Recently induced work from home mode has significantly increased our exposure to screen time more than ever. Though there are several benefits of Working from Home, one major con to be addressed is the increased stress on the eyes due to long exposure to harmful rays of the monitor and that too combined with the […]

Eye Infections: Complications and Management

What causes an infection in the eyes? Infections of the eyes are most commonly caused by viruses, bacteria, and/or fungus. These germs are omnipresent, even on our skin. Hand-to-eye contact (especially while eye rubbing) allows bacteria to enter eyes where they don’t belong, leading to infection. Types of Eye Infections Conjunctivitis  Pinkeye is a contagious […]

Check if you’re a suitable candidate for Lasik surgery!

Although the results of LASIK surgery are nearly always positive, yet not everyone is a suitable candidate for vision correction surgery. The laser eye surgery checklist below is an excellent place to start when deciding if LASIK is appropriate for you. Minimum age One must be at least 18 to have LASIK eye surgery. In […]

Farsightedness – Causes and corrective treatment

Causes of Hyperopia Your eyes concentrate the light rays on the retina which in turn transmit the images of what you’re looking at to your brain. Light rays do not concentrate properly leading to blurred vision when you are farsighted. Symptoms of Hyperopia You might have: Having difficulty concentrating  Eyestrain Headaches Hazy vision Problem reading […]

Most common and affordable diagnostic tests for Glaucoma

Glaucoma tests comprise of the tests used to detect an eye condition that may lead to vision loss if untreated i.e. glaucoma. When the fluid inside the eye, is either formed in excess or fails to be drained adequately, it leads to glaucoma. Glaucoma tests come in many different forms. The following are the most commonly […]