Best Eye Hospital in Surat

Situated in Rander Road, Surat, this branch of the Eye-Q Super-Specialty Eye Hospitals chain provides preventive, rehabilitative, and promotive services using the latest ophthalmologic tools and technology, as well as a staff consisting of some of the nation’s best eye doctors like Dr. Kruti Shah, Dr.Salman Kazi, Dr. Kuldeep B valijibhai, and Dr. Samir Vankawala . Our hospital is spread out over two floors and is equipped with specialists catering to all eye-related conditions.

Eye-Q’s unique patient experience is unparalleled. We offer world-class eyecare facilities and talented ophthalmologists, as well as an environment conducive to recovery. Our doctors add a personalized touch by providing psychological counselling to patients in order to ensure that their mental health is taken care of when they’re dealing with stressful ailments. Having successfully treated more than 50 lakh satisfied patients, Eye-Q’s excellence speaks for itself.