Best Eye Hospital in Lucknow,Aliganj

If you’re seeking the best eye treatments in and around Aliganj, Lucknow, Eye-Q is the right place for you. Eye-Q Super-Specialty Eye Hospitals are modern ophthalmologic hospitals equipped with the latest tools and staffed by the country’s highly trained foremost eye doctors. We comprehensively evaluate each patient and provide the leading treatments for all eye-related conditions, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachment, etc.

Here at Eye-Q, we take a holistic patient-first approach to healthcare which involves taking care of mental health alongside physical health. Our doctors provide extensive psychological counselling to help our patients deal with the stress that comes with vision defects. Eye-Q’s management and staff work tirelessly to provide a pleasant environment conducive to recovery. If you’re looking for a world-class patient care experience, look no further.