Best Eye Hospital in Gurgaon,New Railway Road

Spread out over 2 floors and catering to all of Gurgaon’s eyecare needs is Eye-Q Super-Specialty Eye Hospital, New Railway Road. Led by our founder and Chief Medical Director Dr.Ajay Sharma and other best eye doctors like senior eye specialists like Dr.Deependra V Singh, Dr.Kapil Arneja, Dr.Jayeeta Bose, Dr.Awaneesh  Upadhyay, and Dr. Mainak Bhattacharaya; we are staffed with India’s top ophthalmological talent. Our specialist eye doctors treat all varieties of eye-related conditions using the best-in-class medical equipment to provide you with India’s best eyecare.

Our unique patient experience includes not only the best medical care but also personalized psychological counseling by our doctors to help you cope with the stress associated with eye diseases. More than 50 lakh patients have trusted us to take care of their eyes, and that is a testament to our commitment to providing the highest degree of patient satisfaction.