Best Eye Hospital in Rajajipuram,Lucknow

Spread over two floors in Rajajipuram, Lucknow is our modern specialty eye centre – Eye-Q Super-Specialty Eye Hospital. With a team of the best eye doctors around, we use advanced equipment and contemporary medical approaches to provide comprehensive eye care services. We treat all kinds of eye-related conditions, including cataract, glaucoma, retinal tearing, etc. Our passionate staff is here to provide you with the best eye treatments and the highest quality of care to ensure that you leave Eye-Q completely satisfied.

With 37 eye hospitals across two countries, Eye-Q offers a world-class patient care experience. Our holistic approach towards healthcare involves taking care of both physical and mental health. Eye-Q’s doctors are trained not only to provide medical treatment, but also psychological counselling to ensure that our patients don’t get overwhelmed by the stress of vision disorders. Our staff ensures that you have a comfortable and conducive environment to have a quick recovery. For a par-excellence experience, visit Eye-Q.