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The Hospital's equipment is second to none in the region making it the ideal choice for the patients with complex conditions. The technological advancement and computerized facilities help in achieving proper and complete eye checkup, thus reducing the occurrence of eye problems in the future. Eye-Q has been pioneers in bringing up the advanced technology in tier-2 & tier-3 cities so that people don't have to move to bigger cities.

State-of-the art Technology

  • Intrlase, AMO for bladefree lasik
  • Z2 ZEIMER for bladefree lasik
  • VISX S4 IR AMO for lasik
  • Shwind for lasik
  • AMARIS 500 for Lasik
  • TECHNOLAS217Z, B&L , for lasik
  • TECHNOLAS217Z100, B&L, for lasik
  • Microkeratome from AMO, B& L, Moria
  • SIGNATURE , AMO , for MICS Phaco surgeries
  • COMPACT, AMO for MICS phaco sugeries
  • OS3, Ortello, for MICS phaco and retinal surgeries
  • SWISSTECH , ortellli for phaco surgeries
  • CARTARHEX, Ortelli for phaco surgeries
  • CONSTELLATION, Alcon for retinal surgeries
  • CONSTELLATION DT, Alcon for retinal surgeries
  • INFINITY , Alcon, for phaco surgeries
  • ACCURAS, Alcon, for phaco surgeries
  • LOUREAT , AMO, for phaco surgeries
  • STELLARIS, B&L, for phaco surgeries
  • STELLARIS PC, B&L for phaco & retinal surgeries
  • MILLENIUM, B&L for phaco surgeries
  • PROTEGE, B& L for phaco surgeries
  • Green lasers for retinal treatment
  • HFA from HAAG Streit , carl zeiss, OPTO.
  • FFA from Carlzeiss, Topcon & Cannon
  • Yag lasers from Luminious , lightmed, carl zeiss
  • Advanced microscopes from Carlzeiss & Topcon
  • OCT from Carlzeiss, Topcon & Heidelberg

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